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The goal of this document is to define the requirements to provide an access to VESPA in several data analysis and visualization tools (AMDA, 3DView, CASSIS, etc), i.e. the VESPA clients. These clients will use a generic library to handle the basic aspects of the EPN-TAP protocol. This library is specified in Specification Document (in progress) . The following paragraphs are dedicated to the implementation in each tool.


scene = spectral range + ?? 

According to 4 - EPN-TAP queries

scene = dataproduct_type=sp (spectrum)  [ AND Spectral Range [AND   Target Name AND/OR Time Range Spectral Range AND/OR  Species]]

It is important to notice that CASSIS can  only read the spectrum data.

The scene depends on metadatas found in spectra already displayed.

If there is no spectrum  displayed, then there is no scene.

But the user can specify one or several parameters described before
The return of the query should be  all the url of the spectra selected



scene => target + time interval
or scene => target + time interval + surface area on target