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Peer-reviewed papers (VESPA


/ Europlanet 2020)


• Erard S. et al (2020) Virtual European Solar & Planetary Access (VESPA): a Planetary Science Virtual Observatory cornerstoneData Science Journal, in pressarXiv 1907.06521


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    (in addition to non-VESPA papers)


  • Parunakian D, Dyadechkin S, Alexeev I, Belenkaya E, Khodachenko M, Kallio E, Alho M. Simulation of Mercury's magnetosheath with a combined hybrid-paraboloid model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, AGU Publications, vol.122, #7

  • Belenkaya E., Cowley S.W.H., Alexeev I., Kalegaev V., Pensionerov I., Blokhina M., Parunakian D. Open and partially closed models of the solar wind interaction with outer planet magnetospheres: The case of Saturn. Annales Geophysicae, vol.35, #6, pp.1293-1308



Earlier, pre-


Europlanet 2020 VESPA publications


Zinzi A.; Capria, M. T.; Palomba, E.; Giommi, P.; Antonelli, L. A. (2016) MATISSE: A novel tool to access, visualize and analyse data from planetary exploration missions. Astronomy and Computing, 15:16-28.