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  •  "Download selection" button is implemented (now also on production version) - provides a zip file with results. Check if this requires protection from funny requests.
  •  Fix round-off values after conversion - only keep a reasonable number of figures (e.g. in spectral range, not only)
  •  Add time out or message if pb (depending on size of retrieved data set?) - currently returns an error
  •  Pagination issue to fix (offset fct available in DaCHS, requires last version)?
  •  Put color in "Processing" box! (OK: now grey)
  •  Convert JD times to ISO string for readibility (time_min and time_max)
  •  Try removing limitation to 1000 results - seems doable, but requires new read at each page change (4-5 s on local machine, may be faster on server) - check if OK
  •  Add units in table header for numerical parameters (may depend on print options, e.g., for spectral quantities, otherwise from q.rd) - OK, but some gremlins
  •  Check if base64 decoding is time-consuming or not. Check if getting a VOtable formatted in ascii is faster.
  •  JSON output needed (for surfaces). TBC, seems implemented in DaCHS (&FORMAT=json in request). Additional formatting may be required (see with Chiara Marmo). Done in 2017?
  •  Add support for STC-S footprints (s_region) => new fct SAMP as footprint (to Aladin at least)? see how TapHandle does it.
  •  Cyril is working on a new way to select the parameters to be plotted, TBC
  •  Callback mechanism to be implemented (to refine query from subset of first results)?
  •  Cyril proposed to insert a small Query form on this page. This is half-way towards the MAST interface principle, therefore only an alternative solution - TBC only if problem with the preferred one.
  •  Need for a data merging function: add a "Merge and Send" function in menu "Data Selection" - would call a script to join tables based on first column, possibly with resampling (STILTS or CASSIS can resample). Most useful for spectra, requested by Grenada service.
  •  add a button to show / hide duplicates - i.e., granules with identical values for the parameters displayed on this page (this would allow filtering multiple observations of the same target in the TNO service, for instance). default = hide (suggestion from Florence)

    Result VOTable should not be systematically named sync, should at least include an extension (settable in DaCHS? - Json output is called sync.json - if not, change in client?)


    Upgrade help page

  •  Open Help page in new window
  •  Add button to unselect everything

    Update support links

  •  Convert spectral range from Hz to µm and back
  •  Convert spectral resolution & sampling step from Hz to µm and back - involves 2 parameters, can be done with TAP request (see mail dated 1/8/2017) - TBC
  •  Add conversion to cm-1 for spectral range
  •  Add either info to data service (URL + schema) or link to this in Taphandle, on option (button or info panel)
  •  Check what happens when no link is provided in access_url - seems to give a link to another VESPA query (DynAstVO and HFC1AR) - but this is a possible situation
  •  Check why ds9 does not receive fits images from VESPA (2019: OK from HST_planeto, but HTML error in ds9 - seems to be on their side)
  •  Can we use a js9 based application to handle 2D spectra from APIS (instead of dying SpecView)?
  •  Implement support for datalink, similar to TAP handle
  •  Connect Planetary Cesium Viewer as well as Mizar to display bounding boxes - should even plot s_region in fact - this requires a CRS in the geojson output, TBD
  •  Make subgranule_url module (in CRISM service) work like in TAPhandle
  •  Support for multiple table resources: pass them one by one when SAMPing (required to support VizieR service)

    Link Miriade the same way as Mizar: new button saying get ephemeris (near Footprints). Will open Miriade in a new browser page (or use web service?) and send target name & time for selected granules. Get not only positional ephemeris, but also physical ones (ie, disk center and sub solar point coordinates), or propose options. Retrieve as a VOTable and send to TOPCAT directly. (see mail 13/4/2017) — 2018: done through datalink/dlmeta e.g. in HST; this is a bit more work on provider side, but this is more flexible.


  •  the table can be limited to std EPN-TAP parameters (mandatory & optional) - everything included in 2019 test version
  •  do not use multiple table resources, this won't pass via SAMP - concatenate directly instead.
  •  will not include additional parameters from individual services (undefined in EPNcore), so that the number of columns is limited - everything included in 2019 test version
  •  a specific parameter will be added to identify the service of origin for each granule - in principle it can simply be the service name, but this relies on services compliancy TBC (ivoID would be better)
  •  this box will contain a single button "Samp VOtable", typically to pass the description of answers to TOPCAT for further examination?
  •  there will be no associated third page (displaying Results from all services)? TBC if demanding or not
  •  we could add a button in the Query form page to SAMP a VOtable of all results directly, instead of printing the intermediate Query results page (same level as "Submit" and "Reset")
  •  check whether coordinated observations require any special function. This must rely on v2 parameters target_time_min / max + target_name