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Table of Contents


Current tutorials are available here:

Y-4 tutorials (towards sustainability)

Year-4 tutorials need to be checked, simplified, consolidated as needed. The branch "y4tutorials" on the VESPA Tutorial GitHub repo is going to contain them. Eventually, it will substitute the "master" branch by project end

Tutorials with high-priority re-structuring

More meaningful renaming possible, too.

  • Surface
    • Crism + surface data
    • Analogues
    • ...
  • Atmosphere
  • Plasma

VESPA finalized tutorials

See public web siteThese tutorials mainly use EPN-TAP version 1

VESPA-Hosted tutorials

TBA (as child pages and/or link  (links to github ?) 


  • Auroral processes on Saturn (B.Cecconi,N.André, C.Jacquey, L.Lamy, R.Prangé, F.Henry, P.Le Sidaner)

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  • Joint use of Lathys, AMDA, TopCat (Baptiste Cecconi)

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  • Tracking asteroids

VIDEO Tutorials

Vespa video tutorials on line


Tracking asteroids
Predicting Solar Wind Disturbances arrival times at planets
Martian induced magnetosphere
Auroral processes on Saturn
Exploring exoplanets

Mars, evidence of an


O+ ions "plume"

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Analyzing Pluto's surface


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  • Predicting Solar Wind Disturbances arrival times at planets

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  • IMPEx tutorial
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IMPEx Tutorial Video

GIS VESPA Tutorial + text

External tutorials (linked)

  • IMPEx  

Existing / external tutorials (linked tutorials)

to be migrated into pages as needed

To do


or nice to have

  • Interfacing IDL / GDL with VO environment: how to read / write VOtable, use of SSW library, SAMP access (to be tested), implementation of java EPN-TAP library?
    Use cases: ICA on spectral cube + display in Aladin (or APERICubes?); Multumesc on single spectrum, returns VOtable (bands location & width), to be handled in TOPCAT or CASSIS

  • Same with python