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• The main user interface is located here: http
It queries all services at once (other modes are available), formats the results, and connects with VO tools and other environments (ObsParis)
Roadmap for developments: VESPA Portal

• A local VESPA portal can be installed on your machine. This is intended to access services which are only available locally (e.g., on a Virtual Machine) and are not exposed on the Internet.

Generic All generic TAP clients are also usable (e. g., TapHandle, TAP Library, TOPCAT, and Aladin from v10) but do not provide specific support for EPNCore-based services



access from VO tools 

EPN-TAP client libraries have been developed and  included included in some VO tools during EPN2020: CASSIS, 3Dview (IRAP/CNRS)


• A plug-in provides SAMP connectivity to QGIS v2v3.x (Jacobs / GEOPS) — EPN2020

This works under Debian. A pre-packed Virtual Machine is available from JacobsUni with Debian/QGIS/plug-ins installed, for use with other OSA working version under Mac OS has been seen in April 2018.


• This has been updated for QGIS v3 laterin EPN2024QGIS with VO plugins

• A plug-in provides SAMP connectivity to ImageJ (ObsParis) - currently in input only
Installation and use:


Limited to grabbing VOtables sent from VESPA
Info here: VESPA usage for non VO people
Baptiste's exercise during DPS/EPSC 2016 / Astropy for Planetary Science session ("SAMP in python .ipynb"TAP services can be queried from pyvo and astroquery, see
(EPN-TA support scheduled in pyvo 1.5)

IDL interface

Limited to reading VOtables downloaded from VESPA
Info here: VESPA usage for non VO people
Stéphane's exercice to read VOtables from IDL - tuto TBDSee example (IDL + python) of access here: