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Peer-reviewed papers (VESPA / Europlanet 2024)


Erard, S., Cecconi, B., Le Sidaner, P., Demleitner, M., Taylor, M. ( 2022) EPN-TAP: Publishing Solar System Data to the Virtual Observatory Version 2.0. IVOA Recommendation 22 August 2022. 2022ivoa.spec.0822E

Hueso, R., Iñurrigarro, P., Sánchez-Lavega, A., Foster, C.R., Rogers, J.H., Orton, G.S., Hansen, C., Eischtädt, G., Ordonez-Etxeberria, I., Rojas, J.F., Brueshaber, S.R., Sanz-Requena, J.F., Pérez-Hoyos, S., Wong, M.H., Momary, T.W., Jónsson, B., Antuñano, A., Baines, K.H., Dahl, E.K., Mizumoto, S., Go, C., Anguiano-Arteaga, A. (2022). Convective storms in closed cyclones in Jupiter’s South Temperate Belt: (I) Observations. Icarus, 380, 114994. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2022.114994. This paper is the first one that uses the combination of amateur data and Junocam images available in PVOL. Publication is open access.