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• Granule_gid: any general indication to providers? I.e.: preview, native, calibrated, geometry… 
A client should be able to display the values present in a service, TBC service (feasible in TOPCAT)

• Reshuffle previous "service parameters":

  • Mandatory :
    publisher - make it mandatory???
    add publisher_did as in Obscore? (for DaCHS/registry; provides unique ID of service for this publisher/server), with UCD = meta.ref.uri;meta.curation 
  • Optional Optional - TBC
    spatial_coordinate_description  (default = none)
    spatial_origin  (default = body center or SS barycenter? Or observer location)
    time_origin  (default = observer)
    time_scale (default = UTC – no other values allowed in data services? [only in computational services, e.g. ephemeris])
    Same values to be used in registry declaration 


Accref is introduced by the EPN-TAP localfile mixin, but not used - in principle not included in TAP response, be may be present anyway. It may be better to hide it entirely also in the portal (TBC).

Parameters introducing error bars/uncertainties


Solution with datalink seems OK: data files under access_url and detached labels provided under datalink_url in a link table - although no attempt made to read them from the portal yet (use VIR unpublished service to test this).

Utypes (TBC)

Need to clean up current doc (2.0). Utypes are = DM fields. They are supposedly used to identify the meaning of parameters and help e.g. tools to grab required quantities - This will not work in some areas though, e. g. with spectral tools as they currently use UCD instead of Utype for this purpose (not many tools appear to actually rely on Utype in fact). See discussion here for usage (a bit old?):