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Now, you have to check the syntax of your RD with the command gavo dachs val :

/var/gavo/inputs/planets/$ sudo gavo dachs val q.rd

It returns "q.rd – OK" if the syntax of your RD is correct.

When the syntax is correct, you can import your service on your DaCHS server with the commandgavo dachs imp :

/var/gavo/inputs/planets/$ sudo gavo dachs imp q.rd

If the service is correctly imported, the following message will appear


Then, you can restart the server to check the newly settled-up service with gavo dachs serve restart :

/var/gavo/inputs/planets/$ gavo dachs serve restart

The 3 steps (gavo dachs val q.rd, gavo dachs imp q.rd and gavo dachs serve restart) are necessary each time the RD is modified.