The SAMP protocol has been integrated on the MATISSE tool (currently only on the development version available only inside the ASDC net, not to the public) and the capability of MATISSE to work on hyperspectral cubes available on the VESPA interface is under verification.

We are verifying this capability with the VEX-VIRTIS cubes. The procedure is the following:

-        Open MATISSE and TOPCAT. MATISSE will allow the user to select the option “SAMP hub”, which will start a SAMP client on MATISSE. Therefore TOPCAT will see MATISSE as client.

-        From the VESPA interface, select the desired observation and the option “Send Table”. The cube will be read by MATISSE, by using TOPCAT as hub.

-        From the path of the selected observation, MATISSE will be able to obtain the path of the related geometric cube and to download it.

-        The observation is ready to be visualized with MATISSE

In order to pass wavelength vectors and geometric information to MATISSE, we are eavluating the use of the Datalink protocol. The main difficulty is that each dataset has its own format, and the use of Datalink should include all the different cases.

However, the general procedure should be the following: starting from the calibrated cube, instrument and target name, we need the following information:
-        Url of geometric cube and/or geometric information (polygon)
-        Url of wavelength vector (or wavelength vector itself)
-        Unit of measurement of wavelength
-        Size and plane names of the cubes
-        Suggested software to read the data (if available, e.g. VIRTISPDS)

This could be done with Datalink, by using one PARAM for each of the information above, inside the "<RESOURCE type = "meta" utype="adhoc:service">" tag.

For example, <PARAM name = "geourl" datatype = "char" arraysize="*" value="" />

This activity is in progress.

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