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The Google Drive supports a number of native document formats, among them Google Sheets, which are an equivalent to Microsofts Excel Sheets and can also be converted back and forth to this format (in addition to PDF etc.). The Drive is a quite efficient way of sharing data, since access rights can be controlled granularly and many users already have a Google account and thus access to the drive.

TAP Sheet is an Add-On to Google Sheets and allows to easily import data from any TAP service. Once imported, the data can be exported, shared and processed as any other Google Sheet and of course also shared with other users.

To use TAP Sheet simply open a Google Sheet on the drive and then open the dialogue "Add ons" > "Get add ons..." and search for "TAP Sheet". The Add-On can be installed for free of course. Further Information on how to install and use the Add-On can be found in the TAP-Sheet Tutorial.

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