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Task 6.5- Training (CNRS/IRAP, Jacobs University)

Task 6.6- Dissemination & sustainability (OBSPARIS, IWF)

Task Description

This task will produce high-quality documentation of the standards for VESPA and deliver them to longer-lived organisations such as the International Astronomical Union, which currently do not support planetary science data. In some cases, new reference lists will be compiled from WP11 JRA VESPA and service implementation, e.g. a modern list of ground based telescopes, which is required to document the origin of the data in general. Use cases and tutorials will also be produced, sometimes in cooperation with other EU programs providing EPN-TAP compliant data services in the same field (e.g., EuroVenus). This material will be used by the next task but also for outreach activities. Finally, the Bern University will assess the use of a VO system to exchange team data for a space experiment in operation, in this case, the Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System instrument onboard ESA’s 2016 ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission.

Dissemination of code

GitHub for VESPA

Github VESPA organization page - EuroPlanet VESPA - https://github.com/epn-vespa


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  1. Comment from the review board, 2016:

    the participants’ satisfaction with regards to the quality of the dissemination materials could be used as the main indicator of the quality of the dissemination activities. A questionnaire could be made available and informal discussions with participants could be collected to indicate the extent to which the presentations / material were adequate and interesting. A summary could be added to the report of the corresponding reference period report to be assessed by the review board.