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Short NameNameDescriptionLocationStatusTo do (v1)Comments
APISAuroral Planetary Imaging and SpectroscopyAurorae images/spectra data base (HST)PADCExistingCheck descriptions 
BDIPBase de Données d'Images PlanetairesHistorical planetary images in Meudon (ground-based)PADCExistingSeparate data products, compute pointing, enlarge contents (other digitized images) + Check descriptions 
Encyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsExtrasolar Planets EncyclopaediaCompilation of published dataPADCExistingOK? 
TitanVertical Profiles in Titan Middle AtmosphereAtmospheric profiles of Titan (Cassini/CIRS)PADCExistingCheck descriptions √ Enlarge contents 
IKSIR spectroscopy of comet HalleyIR spectroscopy of 1P/Halley (IKS / Vega-1)PADCExistingCheck descriptions, add phase angle 
M4astModeling for AsteroidsAsteroid spectroscopyPADCExistingCheck descriptions 
BaseComThe Nançay Cometary DatabaseRadio observation of comets from NançayPADCExistingRestructure 
Jupiter DAMJupiter Routine ObservationsJupiter radio observations (from Nançay)NançayExistingCheck descriptions + update target name 
Solar feature catalogue, radio burstsHeliophysics Feature Catalog type 3 radio burstsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADCExistingCheck descriptions 
Solar feature catalogue, active regionsHeliophysics Feature Catalog active regionsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADCExistingCheck descriptions 
AMDACDPP AMDA DataBaseAMDA Planetary Plasma databaseCDPP, ToulouseExistingCheck descriptions, check server 
NASA cosmic dust catalogsINAF-IAPS RDB NASA dust catalogue TAP serviceNASA's Cosmic dust catalog 15 and 18 Rome, IAPSExistingRestructure, Check descriptions 
TNOsTNOs properties + Herschel/Spitzer observations PADCInProgressComplete content, create service 
VIRTIS / VexVirtis on Venus-Express: standard dataset PADCInProgressComplete data description with geometry, enlarge to the complete dataset, declare 
NamRadio service PADCInProgressFinalize 
BASS2000  PADCInProgressFinalize 
Radio Solar Database From NançayPADCInProgressFinalize 
PlanetsMain characteristics of planets from IAU PADCInProgressDeclare properlyCurrently (end 2015) best model for UCDs / param
KronosCassini data PADCInProgressFinalize? 
RadioJoveAmateur radio observations of Jupiter PADCInProgressFinalize 
IMPEx treeDb from IMPEX simulation tree Graz, IWFInProgressResurect, update 
MAG / VexDataset from MAG/VEx Graz, IWFInProgressResurect 
Iitate/RadioIitate Radio Telescope CDFs Iitate, JapanInProgressFinalizePart of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support
PSAESA's Planetary Science Archive Madrid, ESACPlanned  
GhoSSTSpectroscopy of ices  Grenoble, IPAGPlanned  
PVOLAmateur imaging of giant planets BilbaoPlanned  
PDS spectral libLab spectroscopy of minerals ParisPlannedDefine spectral extension for mineralsTo be done with SSHADE + DLR emission database
BDICBase de Données d'Images Cométaires ParisPlannedPasted from updated BDIP 
NDACoordinated Decametric observations from Nançay Decameter Array NancayPlanned Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support
LOFAR-FR606Coordinated Decametric observations from LOFAR station in Nançay (nb FR606) NancayPlanned Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support
UTR2Coordinated Decametric observations from Ukraine T-shaped Radiotelescope-2 Kharkov, UkrainePlanned Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support
LWA1Coordinated Decametric observations from Long Wavelength Array 1  Owens Valley, New Mexico, USAPlanned Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support
OMEGA / MEx atm db  LESIA, MelchioriPossible  
T1m Pic du Midi, images  IMCCE, ColasPossibleWould still be very nice! 
Opposition of Mars 1994  LESIA, ErardPossibleProcessed images from Pic du Midi  
Stellar spectra from IRTF   PossibleSupport for observations, use with pipeline 
Planetary images from OHP student's obs?   PossibleNot favorite 
Extend "planets" service to satellites   possibleInfo available at IMCCE 
IRS / Mariner 6/7 obs of Mars   possibleOlder dataset… 
Titan GCM db   possible  
Mars GCM db   possible  
Paris library drawings   possibleOutreach only 
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