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This starts with a use case by Sébastien Derrière, CDS (June 2015), enlarged with comments and implementation notes


Use case

Stéphane Erard comments are introduced by >

Summary : it is possible to convert planetary or satellite
to HiPS, in order to visualize them in Aladin, explore the
surface feature, and even overlay catalogues of features.

Introduction :
This is an extension of Use Case #28 of Aladin Beta Test page :

    > Use of Aladin 8 beta version (link on that page) is required - should now also work with Aladin 9

• Retrieve image of planetary map, for example from here :
or here

As example, work with Io

• extract io_bjj_0dd.tif, convert to jpg
    > convert io_bjj_0dd.tif io_bjj_0dd.jpg
    (in the terminal)

• Load image in Aladin as local file.

• Apply astrometric solution :
Image > Astrometrical calibration
Central pixel 1440.0 720.0, with pix ang size 7.5' and projection CARTESIAN

• Convert to HiPS :
Tool > Convert current image to a HiPS
Apply grid, pan around, zoom in/out ...
    > Type Comm-G to overplot coordinate grid
    > Beware that  longitudes are handled as Righ Ascensions (inverted)

• Adding catalogue:
Planetary nomenclature downloaded from
Extract nomenclature_all_feb2004.dbf
convert to csv with

Little cleanup of csv file, and load it in TOPCAT.
    > Remove EOL character <NULL> in TextMate or another handy editor

• Filter Io features only by creating subset (io, expression SA=="io")
-> 221 lines out of 8395 in io subset
    > Click on red/violet icon, add a filter
    & "plot subset" io in main window

Choose io Row subset in main TOPCAT window and broadcast to Aladin via SAMP

• Right-click catalogue plane in Aladin, Column Information
Click on Coord for LATITUDE and LONG360, pretending they are DEC and RA, respectively.

• Create dedicated filter :
In advanced mode, use the following expression :
    > this is Catalogue menu item / create new filter / advanced mode

# scale is 113.3 arcsec/km
draw ellipse(113.3*${DIAM}, 113.3*${DIAM}, 0) rainbow(${AD},1979,2003)
draw ${NAME} rainbow(${AD},1979,2003)
Displays names and sizes of surface features, color-coded by year of discovery.

• Remaining issues :
Defaut orientation of RA or longitudes in Aladin is different
from the one used in planetary science, therefore the surface
is viewed as from within the planetary body, not from outside.

> Other pb on my side :
- long180GIS does not work either?  

- Filters are not saved ?

- Graphic mix up when ploting 2 views simultaneously

Extension to Mars use case

• Mars IRTM:
convert alb_.09.tif alb_.09.jpg
size= 2 * pi * R / nb pix = pi * 3390. *2 / 360. = 59.2'

Can be enlarged to 60' ?

• Feb 2016, Aladin 9:

Aladin 9 / java 1.6 / Mac OS: often blocking at launch, but not always

Mars image is now OK

"Save image" does not include the projected image (only the sphere frame)!



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