DynAstVO is a new orbital asteroid database build in the VO context by using the EPN-TAP protocol. For each Near-Earth asteroid, the database provides orbital elements and their uncertainty, the state-vector, information about the observations, MOID, and the covariance matrix of the system. The database is daily updated in an automatic process for objects with new observations. The observations comes from the Minor Planet Center.

These data are accessible through http://vespa.obspm.fr/planetary/data/epn/query/all/

We provide a document which presents a state-of-the-art of the orbital asteroid databases and proposes an analysis of the different databases (Part I). The parameters provided in the database are fully described in Part II and the global processing of the database is presented in Part III. Additional databases of DynAstVO are presented in Part IV. Finally a comparison with existing database is proposed in Part V. A poster has been presented at the DPS-EPSC meeting in Pasadena (Desmars et al. 2016, 2016DPS....4832902D)


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