Task Description

Standards developed in VESPA will be documented: new band list data model from SSHADE (CNRS/IRAP), georeferenced fits (CNRS/IPSL), exoplanet DM (coordinated by INAF/OATS), updated version of EPN-TAP (ObsParis & Heidelberg Univ), modern list of observatories (ground based and space borne, ObsParis & CNRS/CDS), etc. These will be presented / discussed in international consortia meetings (IVOA, IAU, IPDA etc.). This activity will favour interoperability with other data distribution systems, including outside Europe (e.g. NASA, JAXA, ESO), develop synergies, and make VESPA standards attractive to new audiences, e.g., for nanosat missions to come, which are often independent from space agencies.

Publications and conferences belong here (although little travel money is available in Europlanet-2024).

Use cases and tutorials will also be produced, sometimes in cooperation with other EU programs providing EPN-TAP compliant data services in the same field. This material will be available on VESPA github for outreach and dissemination activities, although those are not founded in Europlanet2024.

Availability of code and tutorials

GitHub for VESPA

Github VESPA organization page - EuroPlanet VESPA - https://github.com/epn-vespa

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