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Published services can be reached from the VESPA portal service result page

Implementation notes: Data service maintenance section

Short NameNameDescriptionLocationStatusTo do (v1 or v2)CommentsVersion_2 / updates


Titan_profilesVertical Profiles in Titan Middle AtmosphereAtmospheric profiles of Titan from Cassini/CIRSPADC/LESIA


√ Check descriptions
√ Enlarge contents
√ Remove duplicates!
√ TAP parameters reviewed

Rewrite with mixin (required to fix coord UCDs)

Correct existing file names

√ Added new series of profiles from C. Mathé

Update of older files scheduled ~ mid 2020 - refined inversion method, either as replacement or addition, TBD

New data provided end 2019

Formerly called titan

Updated to v2 in 2016, to be tested again

Mixin version installed Jan 2020

VVExVIRTIS on Venus-Express: standard dataset

Access to spectral cubes. Venus-Express legacy

nb of granules : ~ 50,000 calibrated/geometry files
+ derived products (maps, profiles, etc)



Complete data description with geometry, enlarge to the complete dataset. Intended as a demonstrator of both EPN-TAP access to the PSA, and data handling / distributing system in a PI team for an experiment in operation phase (would replace the Otarie/ION system in Meudon). In the mid-term, this will include derived products, which are not in the PSA.

• v1 addressing part of nominal mission, limited nb of parameters
+ some inconsistencies

• First v2 version for nominal mission, param from archive INDEX - still des not use the mixin.

• Next version: will get data from the PI database. May include cruise phase (not in the PSA)? that would require to make the files available somewhere (could be the PSA extra area?)

v2 update from Toulouse 2016  workshop (demo) - waiting to retrieve last parameters (geometry)
VVEx+Enhanced VIRTIS dataset on Venus-ExpressWill provide access to individual spectra. Venus-Express legacy (after discussion: same service as above, not a separated one).
Possible issue: this would include ~ 10E9 entries
Enlarge the above service to also provide description of VIRTIS/ VEx individual spectra with geometry parameters. Access may be a script extracting the corresponding data from the cubes (possibly in APERICubes, TBC). This will have a noticeable added value wrt a similar service from the PSA, only possible in the PI team.

abs_csAbsorption cross sectionsAbsorption cross sections for gaseous species of atmospheric interest




√ Finalize, declare,
add data + setup special access script (output selected species in a single table)

First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
SOIRSOIR/SPICAV/VExUV / IR observations of Venus - vertical profilesRoyal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy / Planetary Aeronomy
√ Convert profiles to VOtable, easier to handle and visualize.
First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
SPICAMSPICAM / MExVertical profiles of MarsLATMOS

√ Number of issues identified afterwards, including extra table not integrated.

√ Updated version to be reviewed

First simple / complete datalink example.

Provides links to MCD simulation + ascii version of the profile.

v2 direct from Toulouse 2016 workshop.

Update from Prague workshop, 2018.

SPICAVSPICAV / VExVertical profiles of VenusLATMOS


From updated SPICAM service

mcdMars Climate DatabaseSampled version through EPN-TAPPADC + LMD


First version on sampled data, access to vertical profiles only, reviewed.

Issues fixed later on

Add daily cycles and maps?
√ Add more scenarios.
√ In a second step, direct access through workflow will be studied (OK via datalink)

v2 installed from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop

Update from Prague workshop, 2018.

OMEGA / MEx atm db

LESIA, Melchiori
Exhume data, if possibleOnly covers beginning of mission. Science value to be assessed first
Titan GCM db


Oct 2016: P. Rannou suggests to contact S. Lebonnois for his more modern 3D code.

Only available as a code for the time being, no interface.

May be a candidate for integration on a code-on-line platform.

Alt, 2020: the team is building a db of precomputed profiles - could be distributed as a data service


VIMS/Cassini calibrated cubes, satellites only
Catalogue of cubes with description, thumbnails, links to PDS raw and ISIS3 calibrated cubes + possibly geotiff format

Benoît Seignovert (LPG/GeoPlanet + PADC)


From csv files, with link to web site pages.Installed in ObsParis for maintenance reasonsIndicated by P. Rannou at EPSC 2018, OK from C. Sotin

Small bodies

BaseComThe Nançay Cometary DatabaseRadio observation of comets from NançayPADC/LESIA

√ Restructure with mixin, clean up, check parameters and UCDs (not yet published)

Deep review done in spring 2019: spectra, thumbnails, granule list (remove duplicates & identify upper limits when no detection)

Need to check with science team before update
+ add recent observations

All the fits must be reconstructed from txt files; freq_min and max to be cleaned up. Keep them in velocity?

Summary tables by object/apparition are actually parsed for ingestion, should be hightlighted

Updated to v2, to be refreshed
M4astModeling for AsteroidsAsteroid spectroscopyPADC / IMCCE

√Check descriptions,
√update VOtable format / script,
√ add thumbnails

Update with new content
Add import script on crontab?
Other small things to fix, in particular VOtable conversion script

• March 2019: frozen in July 2015.

updated to v2.

March 2019: rebuiilt with mixin, + restored data loss.

NASA dust catalogINAF-IAPS RDB NASA dust catalogue TAP serviceNASA's Cosmic dust catalogs 15 and 18 IAPS, Rome

√ Restructure, Check descriptions, Update server.

√ Added thumbnails and spectra when available.

√ Update presentation web page, the current one is missing!

• Data and thumbnails out of reach (July 2019)?

v2 linked to the portal after Prague workshop, registered properly in July 2018.
There are still 2 declarations of the same service in the registry!!!
IKSIR spectroscopy of comet HalleyIR spectroscopy of 1P/Halley (IKS / Vega-1)PADC/LESIA

√ Check descriptions,
√ add phase angle
√ Add thumbnails
√ To be rebuild with mixin & grammar

Add better thumbnails!

Descriptors updated April 2016, new web page Sept 2017.

First v2 test case (old way). Updated to mixin/grammar, Dec 2017.

TNOsarecoolTNOs are coolCompilation of TNOs properties + Herschel/Spitzer observationsPADC/LESIA

√ Make it consistent with M4ast, MPCOrb and DynAstVO.

Check some parameters

Classes of small bodies still to be refinedv2 direct
Illu67PIllumination maps of 67P/C-GShows the comet illumination for a given lat/lon of the Sun in the comet frame. Next step: shows the comet illumination for a given timeIRAP + Imperial College, London. A. Beth

√ Finalize, add data, declare.
√ Identify correct dataproduct_type, see if extra param are required for sub-observer point.
Handle 3D format?

Directly in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
67P unitsDescription of morphologic units from OSIRIS imagesIdentify latest version


Difficulty related to coord - lon/lat won't work, Cartesian required.Main info is s_region contours. Use for unit characterization, e.g. thermal properties
Minor Planet parameters and orbits, with daily computation (NEO only)IMCCE / PADC

√ Add computed orbits as spice files, open in Cosmographia or similar.
Enlarge to other objects (MBA)?

√ Register

√ Updated in Aug 2018 (missing param, updates, kernels)

Spice kernels are usable in Cosmographia (manually on user's end) and 3Dview (if they are installed on the server part)

Directly in v2 from computation results

MPCMinor Planets CenterAsteroid orbital and physical parametersMPC / IAU,
+ Heidelberg/Paris


√ Provide epn_core view on existing TAP service in Heidelberg
√ Check if monthly updates still active
• Check parameters + change encoding of names (with no number)
√ Fix date format

First experiment with EPN-TAP2 mixin

To be refined in 2019.

Make consistent with other small bodies services
CEMLSCometary emission line catalogueComet line catalogue, from observationsIAPS, Rome


Provides band list with reference. Make it SLAP or LineList compliant?

BDICBase de Données d'Images Cométaires
To be adapted from updated BDIP v2

SBNAFSmall Bodies Near and Far

Catalogue of asteroids properties, from IR observations (H2020 programme)

Initially ~ 60,000 obs (several/target)
2019: 170,000 measurements and growing

Konkoly Obs


√ To be reviewed and finalized

√ Restarted in 2019 from outputs of the native web interface

Make it interoperable with TNOsarecool service + other observational services in EPN-TAP (M4ast, TNOsarecool, DynAstVO…)

VESPA 2018 Prague workshop

Finalized Feb 2020 (in EPN2024)

CometsBase de données des observateurs de comètes

Amateur site (high level) with > 16000 images (+ some spectra included).

Includes db and submission system


Simply write an EPN-TAP view with daily updates from existing db?

Other similar db to be studied too.

Web version operational ( Also includes links to sdd.jpl and MPC ephemeris and properties + db of observers (29 contributors). Basic table is a concatenation of target tables? Includes images + derived quantities and references.
NEO thermal fluxes / albedos

Spitzer thermal-infrared fluxes of near-Earth asteroid from ExploreNEOs, NEOSurvey, and NEOLegacy (~2000 asteroids).
Seems to be this (TBC)

Northern Arizona Uni, or Lowell Obs?


existing site with SQL interface
In wish list, from M. Mommert ~2017
herss:// Observation databaseTable of amateur observations, long and  


Contacted us at EPSC 2018

Images of Sun grazing comets from the SoHO spacecraft / LASCO instrument

The main idea is to test a service with fits images only, and handling in VO tools.

This one is a simple test case.


Start from fits dataset in PDS SBN. First check if pointing, etc available (WCS may not be relevant, but helio distance?)
Suggested by A Raugh, AGU 2018.
MP3CEPN-TAP access to existing MP3CSmall bodies catalogue integrated from sparse on-line db, includes color, spectral types and other thingsOCA Nice, M. Delbo / C. Ordenovich
Relies on TAPlib - interface study by PLS in July 2017; then crashed due to local system and lack of resources.13 tables with TAP interface. Try and build a use case from those? Common key is name / SSODnetGraz workshop, 2017
TNO spectraVLT large program from ~2005
LESIA, Barucci
Find calibrated spectra in LESIA, evaluate

Small Main-Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey


Binzel et al VNIR spectra of asteroids

MIT with support from PADC?


Based on M4ast, very similar data

Coupled with "MIT-UH-IRTF Joint Campaign for NEO Spectral Reconnaissance" on the same site.

Plots/thumbnails have to be regenerated individually in PNG.

Little local resources Suggested by Mirel Birlan, discussed in 2018
† Earn?Earn?

Physical properties of (some) NEOs

Closed: this page no longer exists, the db has been integrated into ESRIN NEO Space Situational Awareness service: (may be accessed through MP3C?)

Paris or Rome?

Includes a (spectral) taxonomy type. Some duplication of MPC parameters (can be filtered out?)

Regularly updated on-line.
Related somehow to the NEOshield-2 EU program

Table is easy to enter (note that Binary objects, noted B in 1rst column, have 2 entry lines; only the first one is relevant).

Each object has a detailed page with extensive biblio that cannot be included in the table - should be linked with external_link parameter)


Data from Fripon detection system.

Includes raw images, detection images, orbits, trajectories, and possibly GRAVE radar periodograms (used for atmosphere / aerosols studies also)

Paris / Marseille ?


Discussed at EPSC 2018. Needs further study
VIRTIS cometary phaseVIRTIS Rosetta

Just provide images and plots of operations / acquisition? This would be a different demonstrator of EPN-TAP service in support to an experiment in operation:

  • granules = MTPs or STPs. Link to ancillary images / plots (SE material) - wait for regeneration of overall geometry (2019)?
  • granules = files. Link to synthetic surface-related images (BR material)

The file service is easily adapted from VVEx service; wait for final dataset to be accommodated on the PSA?



An ST-MOC would be very helpful. Need s_region first

LuckyStar ?LuckyStarStellar occultations by asteroids and satellites, ERC programme.
Provides measurements of radii, shapes, albedo, density. Include a compilation of other measurements.
In Brasil? Or LESIA / PADC


To be installed in Brasil ?

Draft based on Xcel output on Brasilian site. To be improved for updates

Hand-made, to be discussed with team


Mars_cratersMars craters databaseRobbin's crater databaseJacobsUni

√ Completed to entire dataset
√ finalize s_region for plots in Aladin
√ Check descriptions

√ Check s_region again (they have changed)

To be completed with revised version from GEOPSv2 direct, with mixin
Mars_craters_LagainMars craters database, Lagain et al 2020Robbin's crater database revisedJacobsUni


Check descriptions

Revised version of bd at GEOPS, paper submitted to Icarus (2019).

Waiting for acceptance to publish the service (delayed)

v2 direct, with mixin
Craters with diam > 40 m from HIRISE images, equatorial regions onlyJacobsUni?


17M craters!
Need to check access speed
Try and synch with publication, end 2019?
USGS_WMSPlanetary maps from USGSEPN-TAP access to WMS serverJacobsUni

√ Check data access
√ Check descriptions

Model for GIS-VO bridge (WMS)v2 direct, with mixin
planetServer_CRISMCRISM/MRO cubes

Imaging spectroscopy of Mars, WMS access

(planetServer version)


√ Check data access
√ Check descriptions
√ Description agreed with PDS geosciences, 2019

Completed to entire dataset (again)
Remove wvl parameter ? Add a file via datalink

Model for GIS-VO bridge (WCS) and QGIS plugins (working in May 2017)

Changed name according to review board request, 2019 (formerly CRISM)

v2 direct with mixin from Toulouse 2016 workshop, then updated
hrsc3ndHRSC/MEx nadir images of MarsHiRes imaging of Mars, WMS access
> 4000 images, nadir only, complete coverage @10 m resolution
Frei Univ, Berlin (Sebastian Walter)


√ Provide coefficient for calibration in radiance and reflectance

√ Provide min/max viewing angles ?

Uses mixin + PDS grammarFrom Roscoff 2017 surface workshop

M3 / CHANDRAYAAN-1 cubes

Imaging spectroscopy of the Moon, WMS access

(planetServer version)

Finalize, ingest (many) data
√ Description agreed with PDS geosciences node, 2019
Changed name according to review board request, 2019 (formerly M3)Partial version on-line, Jan 2018

Pangaea-X 2017 data

Various measurements on planetary analogue environmentJacobsUni


Finalize, ingest other data
First assessment with drone images, model for TA field campaign data.
AMADEE18Analogue mission to Mars in OmanAnalogue mission to Mars in Oman.
Field study, should be ~ similar to Pangaea-X


Contact at EPSC 2018 through A. Frigeri. Declined workshop in 2019


Imaging spectroscopy of MarsOMEGA/MEx spectral cubes in calibrated format. Non-PDS files (IDL binaries)IAS/PSUP

√ Review details, optimize format
VESPA 2018 Prague workshop
omega_mapsMineralogy spectroscopy of MarsMineralogical maps from OMEGA analysis, fits formatIAS/PSUP

√ Review details

Optimize format

√ HiPS version of OMEGA maps available from Aladin treeVESPA 2018 Prague workshop
Dawn VIRImaging spectroscopy of Vesta and CeresDawn/VIR spectral cubes of Vesta and Ceres (data only, no geometry available)IAPS/Rome


Review details

Identify ivoID of provider

Provides labels through datalink
Lunar cratersLargest lunar crater db

From Öhman 2015?



(exercice in DaCHS for François)Waiting for original providers to agree on publication
Various db from Brown University
see here
Provide as list of catalogues?

IRS / Mariner 6/7 obs of Mars
Spectroscopy of Mars
Convert data files to integrated VOTables & add to PDS3 native format (like IKS)Older/historical dataset… but seems unique and only distributed on a personal web site. Then, it's PDS3…
ISM / Phobos-2
Imaging spectroscopy of Mars


PDS3 labels to be split?Older/historical dataset… but only distributed on a lab web site (IAS). Then, it's PDS3…
Catalogue of planetary mapsHistorical maps of all kinds


From an Xcel file, parsing is difficult but feasible. Include extra images and photographs.

To be finalized

Many different formats, including archived web pages; each entry has many images. Forwarded by Nigel after EPSC 2018 Press notice.
• Selected for Rome workshop, 2019 
Mars geologyLimits of units on Mars

From Tanaka latest global map?
See file SIM3292_Global_Geology.shp
- but we want it split in connected units (they are actually contacts, or overlayed surfaces)



Actual info is s_region contours + region properties.

Granules should be connected units to make it efficient

Useful in association with crater databases, for dating

Solid spectroscopy

PDS spectral libLaboratory spectroscopy of mineral samplesLibrary in support of CRISM/MRO, on PDS Geosciences nodePADC / LESIA, Erard


√ Define (spectral) extension to describe minerals. Can be enlarged with other open mineral spectroscopy db - either in the same service or separately, this is mostly a political decision√ To be studied with SSHADE & DLR emission database & external contributors.
Uses mixin/CSV grammar
Draft from Graz 2017 VESPA workshop. Assessment for other lab spectroscopy services.
BRSLBerlin Reflectance Spectral LibraryLaboratory spectroscopy of mineral samples in support of VIRTIS/RosettaDLR, Kappel / Henckel


√ Finalize, review

Publish (policy issue at DLR)

Uses mixin/CSV grammarDraft from Graz 2017 VESPA workshop. Assessment for other lab spectroscopy services.
PSLPlanetary Spectroscopy LaboratoryLaboratory spectroscopy of mineral samples in support of MERTIS/BepiColombo, and more (in emission)DLR, Helbert / Maturilli


Publish (policy issue at DLR)

Potantially the first Europanet TA database

Uses mixin/CSV grammar.

Uses DaCHS Docker version

VESPA 2018 Prague workshop

Spectroscopy of ices and minerals. A set of ~ 20 evolving databases (including GhoSST).

Alternative access to SSHADE service from VESPA interface. Focus first on reflectance spectra?

Grenoble, IPAG


√ Spectro / sample descriptors required. Need to check/request new UCDs.

First Europanet TA database published.

Regular update required - connection to primary db.

Make it usable in CASSIS and SPLAT-VO (OK for spectra)

Draft from VESPA 2018 Prague workshop, finalized end of programme
HOSERLab / Planetary Spectrophotometer FacilityHOSERLab

Large spectral library (in XLS files)

Ed Cloutis, Winnipeg Univ.


Parse Xcel files: metadata, then spectra

To be finalized

Contacted at EPSC2018.

Rome 2019 workshop

Magnetospheres / radio

AMDACDPP AMDA DataBaseAMDA Planetary Plasma databaseCDPP, Toulouse

√ check server
√ Check descriptions,
√ Check data type handling (returns results for spectrum, but only dynamic_spectrum included?)
√ Add param saying if data are in the magnetosphere, solar wind, or both

Regular connection to APISUpdated to v2
APISAuroral Planetary Imaging and SpectroscopyAurorae images/spectra data base (HST)PADC, Paris

√ Check descriptions

? access_url should point to spectra, not to images of spectra (spectra are under native_access_url)

Reference for EPN-TAP extension to auroral data. Get data selection from Hisaki service, reformatted (Nov 2017)

New data from Cassini UVIS, oct 2019

updated to v2, then refreshed (no mixin)


Nancay Decameter Array observation database

Jupiter decametric radio observations from Nançay.
Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support.

Will include Solar data in the long run

Check descriptions
√ update target name

Daily updates.

(formerly JupiterDAM then NDA, then RoutineJupiter)

Updated to v2, to be tested
RadioJoveAmateur radio observations of Jupiter
Finalize, check descriptions

Updated to v2
Access to UCL Magnetodisc model output.UCL, London


√ Add radius as parameter

Add new simulations?

Distribute data both in matlab and netCDF format

Work on tool connection for reading / visu

First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
Access to UCL Jovian thermosphere modelUCL, London


√ Check service

KronosCassini radio data


Part of MASER services

Name to be changed

IMPEx_EPN20Db from IMPEX simulation tree
Graz, IWF
√ Resurrect, update
√ Fix data access! - some data at FMI were removed (actually not accessible)

updated to v2

Enlargement in AMDA studied during Graz meeting

VExMAG_EPN20Dataset from MAG/Venus-ExpressVenus-Express legacyGraz, IWF
√ Resurrect, update
updated to v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
IitateHFIitate Radio Telescope HF data of JupiterPart of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportIitate / Tohoku Univ, Japan

√ Fix issue with server & updates

Fix formatting issues

Data is updated every night, after daily observation

(formerly called Iitate)

Updated to v2, being tested

HisakiHisaki E-UV observations of Jupiter, Venus and moreFrom Hisaki JAXA mission, Exceed instrumentTohoku Univ, Japan

Finalize, add calibrated data
√ APIS extension compliance (May 2017)

√ Some non-compliances corrected (Dec 2017)

But some remain

Regularly synchronized with APIS (from Nov 2017)

Updated by periods; latest ones not accessible (proprietary)

Test service, v2 direct
KHTMMHD instabilities at 67P/C-G
IAPS, Rome, Ivanovski
Adapt coordinate system to something more std
First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop


A Transplanet model of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Earth, Mars, and Jupiter (simulation runs)IRAP, Toulouse


√ To be populated? (last data are from 2015)

From PSWS WP, 6/2017
cpstasmcpstasmEarth magnetosphere measurements by CLUSTER, correlation matrix.
Cluster data in CDF format, to be processed with iPECMAN tool. Requires new UCD to be defined (spectral matrix). Output (also CDF) to be visualized in Autoplot. Das2 protocol to be added on top
IAP, Prague


Reviewed & published
VESPA Prague workshop 2018, finalized during Rome 2019 workshop


thmsmSpectral matrix data from the Earth magnetosphere obtained by the THEMIS satellites. Same interface as cpstasmIAP, Prague


Reviewed & published
From cpstasm service, after Rome 2019 workshop


MarsExpress / MARSIS

MARSIS radar measurements, atmosphere onlyU. of Iowa, SwRI

Handle times series with Autoplot and das2server (with changing resolution)VESPA 2018 Prague workshop
ASPERAMarsExpress / ASPERA data
U. of Iowa, SwRI

Handle times series with Autoplot and das2server (with changing resolution)VESPA 2018 Prague workshop
LOFAR-FR606Coordinated Decametric observations from LOFAR station in Nançay (nb FR606)Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportNançay

LOFAR_JupiterLOFAR observations of Jupiter,

Measurements under 2 different polarization directions

  • there is also a lofar_jupiter_raw.epn_core table on the server - what is this?
CBK-PAN, Poland


 netcdf files
Graz & Prague workshops 2017/18
RWCalertsSpace weather test serviceForecast of Solar-geophysical activity and propagation conditions to EarthCBK-PAN, Poland
Graz & Prague workshops 2017/18


(to be enlarged to other instruments on site)

Coordinated Decametric observations from Ukraine T-shaped Radiotelescope-2. Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportInstitute of radio astronomy NASU / RINANU. Kharkov, Ukraine


Workaround solution for public data installed in Japan, still not functional.
File formatting issue (TBC)
Still distributing raw binary data files (4000+ files, 2GB each), no previews yet.
 (to be enlarged to other instruments than UTR2 on Kharkov site)

First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop.

Updated May 2017 with mixin/custom grammar

Coronas-F satellite measurements (time series in cdf) - charged particle fluxes in the Earth’s magnetosphere from orbit.




Files load in TOPCAT
VESPA 2018 Prague workshop
Mag models

Magnetosphere models of Mercury and Saturn, using IMPEx architecture




VESPA 2018 Prague workshop
LWA1Coordinated Decametric observations from Long Wavelength Array 1 Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportOwens Valley, New Mexico, USA

MASERSet of services and tools for radio astronomy/planetaryInitial data services:
voyager_pra: restoration of Voyager Planetary Radio Astronomy data
ExPRES: simulations
Cassini-Jupiter: Cassini/RPWS data products on Jupiter
ObsParis, LESIA, Cecconi


3 services reviewed and published, more to comeMarch 2019


Encyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsEncyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsCompilation of published dataPADC


√ EPN-TAP descriptors reviewed (April 2017)

√ Further improvement in July 2018, with links to detailed information on web site

Reference for EPN-TAP extension to exoplanets and celestial objects

Check with exoplanets DM to come.

Updated to v2, TAP output checked.

Solar physics


Heliophysics Feature Catalog type 3 radio burstsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADC
Check descriptions and links, fixes required

Updated to v2, to be tested


Heliophysics Feature Catalog active regionsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADC


Check descriptions and links, fixes required

UCD of HFC1 must be reviewedUpdated to v2, to be tested

Iitate Planetary Radio Telescope Solar Data

Solar radio observationsIitate / Tohoku Univ, Japan

Populate? (expected regular updates, TBC)
√ Fix issue with server

(Formerly called pparc_r)v2 direct, to be tested
Images of the photosphere and low corona with two coronagraphs (on H-α, He I, Fe XIII) and two telescopes (on H-α, Ca II)IRAP, Toulouse
Evolving data content, runs smoothly
First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop, then updated
BASS2000BASS2000 (Paris)


Upgrade required (July 2019)

Regular updates, OK

First draft in May 2017.

Published May 2018


Solar images db
Fits images (compressed internally, won't load in SAOimage/ds9) - maps with a specific projection?

In reviewCross study of GAIA-DEM with BASS2000 and related services, TBDStarted at VESPA 2018 Prague workshop, ~ finalized in April 2019
Radio Solar DatabaseNançay Radio Solar DatabaseFrom NançayPADC


Design VO interface. Make it consistent with other projects in the field

E-CallistoE-CallistoWorld-wide network of Solar radio spectrographs Windisch (Switzerland), Csillaghy


To be published, but where is it?
Rome 2019 workshop
THEMISTHEMIS observatory data

Archive of solar data from THEMIS telescope in Canary Islands. Fits files available here:



Study extraction of metadata from headers, and format compliance.

Check if format is consistent along time. 

Check completeness of dataset

Older version (in Tarbes) used a tricky DM, check is this may be adapted to EPN-TAPLegacy data in Paris, 2020

Generic / interdisciplinary

BDIPBase de Données d'Images PlanétairesHistorical planetary images in Meudon (ground-based)PADC / LESIA (Drossart, Henry, Cecconi)

√ Rearrange data products (jpeg vs fits), add previews, + check descriptions (from local db)

Compute pointing (mostly phase) + Fix image orientation?

Enlarge contents (other existing digitized images)

Phase angle can be retrieved from Miriade, other parameters more difficult (time of day not always available)

Orientation is more difficult, should be reconstructed from images.

Updated to v2, to be tested.
Sept 2017: rebuilt with mixin / grammar, queries LESIA database in SQL during ingestion.
PlanetsMain characteristics of planetsFrom IAU / Allen reference dataPADC

√ Declare properly in registry (issue with referenceURL field)

To be enlarged with satellites info (see below)?

(In Feb 2016) best model for UCDs / param (with IKS) & q.rd file.

Add datalink to Miriade? (OK in test, Jan 2018) - could be at the moment of query.

Test service, updated to v2 in 2016.

Updated to mixin/grammar Dec 2017

Extend "Planets" service


Satellites info available at IMCCE, to be added.
Extend to orbital parameters? - should be available in a db at IMCCE.

Amateur imaging of giant planets + Mars/VenusPlanetary Sciences Group, UPV/EHU, Bilbao

√ SQL trigger to handle new data coming in.
√ Finalize EPN-TAP access
√ Register

√ Fixed issue with corrections after ingestionFirst model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
spectro_planets Planetary spectraLow res, global spectra of planets and satellites. References for ground observations, provide only 1 or 2 typical spectra/object (from selected archives). Includes historical data of interest LESIA, Erard


√ Identify sources; currently THN library + USGS + IRTF + JSNU + occasional LESIA data

√ Convert files to documented VOtable, not fits (for use in CASSIS) - this is tricky in some cases

√ Collect complete info from original papers

Add ephemeris from Miriade in the table (or datalink to Miriade)?

See interoperability with Planets service.

Spectral calibration unchanged, not homogeneous - but solar spectra provided also


(name TBD)

 Planetary spectraExcerpt from Polarbase, from IRAP, Glorian


Very similar to planet_spectra

Proposed by Jean-Michel Glorian, Jan 2020 for 5th workshop in Toulouse
IRTF_OrtonIR telescopic images of JupiterImages from IRTF, Hawaii, in support of JunoPADC/LESIA, Cecconi


√ Get metadata from fits headers, call Miriade to compute ephemeris


Can be used as template for collections of poorly documented observations, will retrieve ephemeris parameters on the flyV2 draft version
† Cassini ringsCassini CIRS ring dataAssessment study of EPN-TAP services and VESPA infrastructure for Cassini derived data services to come.
Final implementation depending on strategy at mission level
JPL (Connell, Brooks)

Was an assessment study at JPL, dropped in 2018 From Graz workshop, 2017
Juno imagesFrom Juno spacecraft cameraNo geometry available?U. of Iowa, SwRI

VESPA 2018 Prague workshop
PSAESA's Planetary Science Archive

Complete archive published early 2018.
Currently distribute files & labels in a zip with dataset documentation.

Only ~ 6 Mfiles among 18 in 2018 (Rosetta RPC filtered out - this slowed down the first draft, and provided no usable information)

Difficult on ESA side to retrieve description parameters: PDS/EPN-TAP correspondance is very much dataset dependent.

Madrid, ESAC


Get parameters from files/datasets?

Identify a better way to access detached labels (datalink?).

v2 direct started in 2016. Uses ESA non-DaCHS server (TAP library), apparently with modifications (new fct ivo_hashlist_has not available)
HST_planetoHST planetary dataData of planets, dwarf planets and satellites (no asteroids) from HST. Calibrated & derived products. Data and thumbnails at CADCPADC & CADC


√ Data selection is tricky…

√ Target name, instrument & detector name, obs type are controled and fixed

Data description still to be improved? (multiple targets, etc)

Includes ephemeris data via datalink

Daily updates.

Fom Victoria Interop meeeting, 2018
VizieR planetoVizieR catalogues

Table linking Solar System-related catalogues in VizieR (query to a web service returning one or more VOtables).

~ 1300 tables identified from keywords.

CDS & ObsParis


• Access tricky to handle in the portal: "B/planet", requires specific handling mode

• Check description & parameters

CDPP alertsSolar wind predictionsServer of VOevents from PSWSIRAP/CDPP, ObsParis

Missing parameters in VOevent standard - needs to specify where the event orginates from

• Name to be changed

Pb with events versus conditions - format TBCVESPA 2018 Prague workshop
CDPP alerts - detectionFireballs, etcServer of VOevents from PSWSIRAP/CDPP, ObsParis


Missing parameters in VOevent standard - needs to specify where the event orginates from

• Name to be changed

Pb with events versus conditions - format TBCVESPA 2018 Prague workshop
meteor_showersPredictions, on planetsServer of VOevents from PSWS.
From simulations of ejection of cometary material + propagation in Solar System
ObsParis, Vaubaillon


√ Reviewed. Finalized during Rome 2019 workshop.

Check format of VOevents.

from PSWS. Reviewed during Rome 2019 workshop
HerschelESA's Herschel archive for Solar System objectsExtract from global archive? Only standard products, ie raw and pipeline (TBC)Madrid, ESAC


EPN-TAP parameters ~identified - restrained in this case

(To be done on their side)

Evaluation by Baptiste: easy to do but requires optimization of target identification + data files are not standard fits cubes - how should they be handled?

Assessment study, Jan 2020 
T1m Pic du Midi, images

IMCCE, Colas

Would still be very nice!
First need to make fits headers uniform.
Distribute raw images and make it a collaborative service accepting submission of calibrated products?
May require to hire a post-doc to check & process everything

• But get data first of all!
• Other parameters probably required, e.g. camera orientation in focal plane

 Ephemeris can be called during ingestion, see IRTF_OrtonUse with EPN-TAP2 mixin (fits grammar) & call ephemeris from q.rd
Opposition of Mars 1994
Processed images from Pic du Midi: calibrated & projectedLESIA, Erard
May be used as a first demo of complete T1m service

Opposition of Mars 1999, HSTHST images from J. Bell

PDS GeoSciences Node has a dataset of 1999-2001 opposition images and cubes in fits + geometry & projected versions.
More elaborated version than the HST archive/HST_planets service, reformatted: projected and include i/e angles. Fits files, provided with PDS labels.

~ 500 images, each in cylindrical and orthographic projection + cubes grouping series of 12 related images for each projection & incidence/emission angles.


Demo for use of images + coordinates planes (include only cubes?)

Congruence with HST_planets

Should be included in HST_planets?

Pb: file extensions are not "fits", so they won't open automatically

Titan ground based observations
Historical work from the 90s only?LESIA, Henry
First, recover data on old machines (from M. Combes).
+ Also see with Athena if she has derived data to distribute
On-going recovery project at ObsParis
Stellar spectra from IRTF
Vis / NIR
See also at ESO + KuruczSupport for observations, use with pipeline to scale magnitudes
† Planetary images from OHP student's obs?


Not favorite: unprocessed, sparse, and  planetary content is limited

Paris library drawings


Outreach only
(TBC)?Database of images and simulated data to test processing methodsIPAG, Sylvain Douté


Data exist, to be completedThink about new data
(TBC)?List of codes available on-line for Planetary ScienceParis ???


Could be based on IDIS resource list from FP7 - has to be cleaned up and modernized though. Can be TAP, but not EPN-TAP.
• Or instead, use github of OpenPlanetary (ideally, that should be in IPDA registry…)

Potential issue with maintenance.

Would help wait for computing on demand system

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