VESPA kick-off telecon

Action items:

  • 4 years to go!

GMAP & VESPA interactions telecon

Actions items:

  • See with ESA how datasets in ESA-GSF (PSA's grey area) can be installed as EPN-TAP services - right time to start this
  • See how limits of geologic (Mars) or morphologic units (67P) can be provided as an EPN-TAP service
  • Stéphane Erard : sent new awstats script to every provider for installation (available on ObsParis gitlab)

First VESPA hubs chat

  • 15 May 2020 (Stéphane & Markus)

Actions items:

  • Stéphane Erard Install 2 service files from 2019 (Rome) workshop on Paris gitlab  
  • Gitlab usage to be assessed in Heidelberg and Trieste - see here :Individual Repository for VESPA Service Resource Descriptor in DaCHS and VESPA hubs
  • Gitlabs to be used for coming implementation workshops (in real time, so that everybody can work in a familiar environment)
  • Decide upon nb of Gitlab servers (1, 2 or 3?) and interactions between them - may be better to have only one.
  • Use gitlab issues to report and follow problems in services (must be open to all VESPA participants)
  • All 3 teams will help resurrect dying services - need a way to give them visibility for this
  • AAI to be evaluated later - must not affect existing systems

MOC versus s_region for EPN-TAP services

Actions items:

  • ID required for coordinate frames (again!) - not in MOC though
  • OK in an EPN-TAP table on use case. Solves the direction issue of s_region. 
  • We need to keep the possibility to have different spatial_coordinate_description values in a service (ex: spectro_planets, draft upgrade) 
  • => spatial_coordinate_description must be included in ADQL queries involving regions or coordinates
  • Could be accommodated either in s_region or in a different parameter (preferred)
  • (s_region is currently expected only as polygon, and for body fixed frames)
  • (s_region polygons are probably mandatory for use with QGIS)
  • Study use of hips progenitors (e.g. mosaics of surface images)
  • Assess usage of time-space MOCs for space experiment operations (possible use with VVEx, etc)

PVOL, NA2 & amateur services

Actions items:

  • Need to start thinking about the future service for NA2 / telescopic obs
  • Where will it be hosted?
    • I've always assumed Graz, TBC
    • Ricardo proposes to split among existing services - but this is probably not feasible, and not actually simpler
    • may be located on VESPA-cloud in the mid-term (so that several teams have complete access)
    • First runs/data: not before October
  • Design?
    • Must start as a simple demo for images & spectra; EPN-TAP parameters ~ PVOL-like. Start discussing this with teams involved (NA2)
    • Assume data will be forwarded to the service by NA2 team, so no upload interface involved
    • Ingestion is easy if fits files with complete headers - may be complicated otherwise. Correct timing is crucial
  • About PVOL itself:
    • Additional content will include JunoCam images, planetary spectra, projected images
    • PVOL is a typical example of service which needs support on sustainability
    • Same comment as above about VESPA-cloud (EPN-TAP service files only)
    • We need to have the EPN-TAP service files (q.rd, etc) stored on a gitlab for sustainability - can it be the one in Paris (already active)?
    • In a first step, that would allow other teams to give a hand modernizing the service (e.g. adding epheremis calls should be easy, as HST or spectro_planets)
    • MOCs may prove useful to provide a view of space-time coverages, and comparison with e.g. HST data

Exoclimate simulations

Large room for collaborations, including:

  • LMD and exoplanets GCM
  • GEOPS and surface boundary conditions (topo)
  • LESIA for disks db (and also exoplanets DM)
  • Maybe a link with UCL simulations?
  • Design EPN-TAP extension for these simulations
  • Thematic section in Confluence: VA-Task 2. sub-task Exoplanets
  • Possible installation on OPUS platform for code-on-line (to come, eventually on EOSC)?
  • Any link with DACE? They've developed efficient python APIs, and are willing to collaborate and go VO
  • Try and develop collaborations with ExoplANETS_A H2020 prg (which includes UCL)

Next visioconf: date & object TBD, some time in September (related to EPSC sessions?)

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