UX/UI design activity

Related to WP7; Initial proposal of tasks and deliverables in support to improving the User Experience (UX) of the VESPA Data Access Portal. 


  1. Conduct a user experience (UX) audit of all user interfaces. It includes the analysis of the project and user goals, a usability evaluation based on heuristics (design principles and best practices), and the analysis of metrics data (eg: from Google Analytics). It will provide recommendations on how to improve the user experience.
  2. Conduct User Research to refine our understanding of users needs and behaviours; e.g. through user surveys, interviews, and contextual task analysis. It will help better inform design decisions and prioritise features/functions to design and implement
  3. Design the band identity of the project/product (VESPA), including a logo and style guide (fonts, colors, layouts, assets) that should apply and be consistent through all user interfaces and touch-points. It will reinforce trust and overall improve the user experience.
  4. Prototype and test design solutions (with potential users) for a selected set of problems, features or ideas. It should include the design a responsive and map-based interface.
  5. Support the development team to implement all design specifications produced in sub-tasks 3 and 4.


  • UX Audit Report
  • User Research Report
  • Brand Style Guide
  • UI Components Library
  • Interactive Prototypes and Specifications

Milestones and roadmap

Status: Current design updates iteration #2 (dev version)

  • We agreed on an updated layout/design of the current version, focussing on small modif with large impact.
  • We plan for a redesigned VESPA Portal in a later stage.
  • We need to show progress at EPSC 2021 (mid Sep 2021), perhaps an update at dev level only (ideally a new prod version).

February 2020: Kick-offMay 2021: MS23 User experience audit report about VESPA portal and interfaces #1 — month 15 (DONE)

May 2022: MS47 User experience audit report about VESPA portal and interfaces #2 — month 28

June 2022: MS48 Updated version of main portal with improved user interface, from SpaceFrog audit  — month 29 (this is a final version of the one to be presented at EPSC 2022)

May 2023: MS81 User experience audit report about VESPA portal and interfaces #3 — month 40

D7.8 New version of main portal with improved user interface due month 48

This one may be an entirely redesigned version for inexperienced users (goes with alternative solutions for power users - tutos, Jupyter nb, OPUS platform…)

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