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B2Share is a Zeonodo-like data and document publication repository, integrated within the EUDAT ecosystem (B2Drop, B2Access...). B2Share offers a way to publish data objects or documents, providing a DOI and using handles for identifying subelements (files) of each deposit. B2Share also implements an API that can be used for search and access.

B2Share is an open source project and its code repository is located on Github: The core B2Share metadata (B2share schema v1) are mostly covering the Datacite schema, with a few extra elements such as temporal_coverages and spatial_coverages.  

B2Share also proposes to setup Communities, which in turn allows to implement extra community-specific or topical metadata. We present here the Europlanet B2Share Community metadata.

Field uniqueField titleDescriptionData typeMultivalue?Fixed valuesUnit
target_nameTarget NameName of studied object (use IAU official name for solar system bodies, IGSN for samples)Text

target_classTarget ClassClass of studied objectText

Asteroid; Dwarf Planet; Planet; Satellite; Comet; Exoplanet; Interplanetary Medium; Sample; Sky; Spacecraft; Spacejunk; Star; Calibration

dataproduct_typeData Product TypeType of data productText

Image; Map; Spectrum; Dynamic Spectrum; Spectral Cube; Profile; Volume; Movie; Cube; Time Series; Catalogue; Record; Event

measurement_typeMeasurement TypeMeasured parameter (preferably as an IVOA UCD string)Text

instrument_host_nameInstrument Host NameName of Observatory, Facility, LaboratoryText

instrument_nameInstrument NameName of Instrument (Model/Code name for modeled products)Text

messengerMessenger NameMessenger or Electromagnetic wave band nameText
Radio; Millimetric; Infrared; Optical; UV; EUV; X-ray; Gamma-ray; Photon; Neutrino; Electron; Neutron; Proton; Neutral-atom; Ion
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