Preparation of the Task Meeting at IRAP, February 23-24 2017



Thursday 23/02 10:00-18:00 IRAP salle Gervais de Lafond 
10:00-10:15 Welcome and objectives of the meeting 
10:15-10:30 Updates on EPN-TAP and EPN-TAP services (B. Cecconi) 
10:30-10:45 Updates on UCL giant planet magnetodisc service (N. Achilleos / P. Guio) 
10:45-11:00 Updates on UCL Jupiter thermosphere/ionosphere service (N. Achilleos) 
11:00-11:15 Updates on IMPEx Data Model (M. Gangloff) 
11:15-12:30 Discussion: data model and archive 
Lunch at IRAP (cafeteria) 
14:00-14:30 Updates on IAP tool (J. Soucek / D. Pisa) 
14:30-14:40 Updates on AMDA/3DView tools (V. Génot / M. Gangloff) 
14:40-14:50 Presentation of SAMP (B. Cecconi) 
14:50-16:00 Discussion: connections between tools/services 
Coffee break 
16:30-16:40 Updates on PSWS services (N. André) 
16:40-17:00 Updates on IRAP Transplanet service (A. Goutenoir / M. Bouchemit) 
17:00-18:00 Discussion: runs on request 

Team dinner 20:00

Friday 24/02 IRAP salle Gervais de Lafond 
10:00-10:30 Summary of discussions 
10:30-10:40 Presentation of VOEvent (P. Le Sidaner / M. Gangloff) 
10:40-12:00 Discussion: alert services for PSWS 
13:40-14:00 PSWS Test at IAP (J. Soucek / D. Pisa) 
14:00-14:30 Preparation of Mid-term reports (B. Cecconi / N. André) 
14:30-16:00 Implementation of VOEvent (P. Le Sidaner / M. Gangloff) 
16:00-17:00 Discussion: runs on request (N. Achilleos / P. Guio / B. Cecconi / N. André)


UCL : EPN-TAP service starting (DACHS server ready, epn-core scheme existing)






Action Items