Short NameNameDescriptionLocationStatusTo do (v1 or v2)CommentsVersion_2
APISAuroral Planetary Imaging and SpectroscopyAurorae images/spectra data base (HST)PADC, Paris

√ Check descriptions

access_url should point to spectra, not to images of spectra (spectra are under native_access_url) to v2, to be tested
BDIPBase de Données d'Images PlanétairesHistorical planetary images in Meudon (ground-based)PADC

Rearrange data products (jpeg vs fits), compute pointing, enlarge contents (other existing digitized images) + check descriptions, add previews. + Fix image orientation?

To be corrected directly in v2.

 updated to v2, to be tested
Encyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsEncyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsCompilation of published dataPADC
√ EPN-TAP descriptors reviewed (April 2017)
 Updated to v2.
Looks OK, but atypical (most parameters not std)
TitanVertical Profiles in Titan Middle AtmosphereAtmospheric profiles of Titan (Cassini/CIRS)PADC

√ Check descriptions
√ Enlarge contents
√ Remove duplicates!
√ TAP parameters reviewed

Check/correct file names and headers!!!

Add simple web site to distribute native dataset in ascii + doc (fixed in v2)updated to v2
IKSIR spectroscopy of comet HalleyIR spectroscopy of 1P/Halley (IKS / Vega-1)PADC

√ Check descriptions,
√ add phase angle
√ Add thumbnails

Now on line (Feb 2016) + web page updated. Up to date descriptors (April 2016)

First v2 test case

M4astModeling for AsteroidsAsteroid spectroscopyPADC

√Check descriptions,
√update VOtable format / script,
√ add thumbnails

 updated to v2, to be tested
BaseComThe Nançay Cometary DatabaseRadio observation of comets from NançayPADC
Restructure, clean up
Check descriptions
 All the fits must be reconstruct from txt files and freq_min and max be cleaned up.updated to v2, to be tested

NDA Obs. Database (formerly JupiterDAM then NDA, then RoutineJupiter)

Nancay Decameter Array observation databaseJupiter decametric radio observations from Nançay.
Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support.
Check descriptions
√ update target name
 Daily updates.updated to v2, to be tested
Solar feature catalogue, radio burstsHeliophysics Feature Catalog type 3 radio burstsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADC
Check descriptions and links
 updated to v2, to be tested
Solar feature catalogue, active regionsHeliophysics Feature Catalog active regionsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADC
Check descriptions and links

 UCD of HFC1 must be reviewedupdated to v2, to be tested
AMDACDPP AMDA DataBaseAMDA Planetary Plasma databaseCDPP, Toulouse

√ check server
Check descriptions,
√ Check data type handling (returns results for spectrum, but only dynamic_spectrum included?)
√ Add param saying if data are in the magnetosphere, solar wind, or both

 updated to v2, being tested
CRISMCRISM/MRO cubesImaging spectroscopy of MarsJacobs

Check data access

√ Check descriptions

 v2 direct from Toulouse workshop
Mars cratersMars craters databaseRobbin's crater databaseJacobs

√ To be completed
√ finalize s_region for plots in Aladin
√ Check descriptions

 v2 direct
USGS_WMSPlanetary maps from USGSEPN TAP access to WMS serverJacobs
Check data access
√ Check descriptions
 v2 direct
NASA cosmic dust catalogsINAF-IAPS RDB NASA dust catalogue TAP serviceNASA's Cosmic dust catalog 15 and 18 IAPS, Rome

Restructure, Check descriptions, Update server
Update to v2 or remove is stalled

TNOsarecoolTNOs are coolCompilation of TNOs properties + Herschel/Spitzer observationsPADC
√ Make it consistent with M4ast, MPCOrb and DynAstVO
Check some parameters
 v2 direct, being tested
VVExVIRTIS on Venus-Express: standard datasetAccess to spectral cubes. Venus-Express legacyPADC

Complete data description with geometry, enlarge to the complete dataset. Mostly intended as a demonstrator of EPN-TAP access to the PSA. In the mid-term, this will be the basis to include derived products, which are not in the PSA.

v1 addressing part of nominal mission, limited nb of parameters
still target_class=Star instead of star
v2 update from Toulouse 2016  workshop - waiting for last parameters (geom)
VVEx+Enhanced VIRTIS dataset on Venus-ExpressWill provide access to spectra. Venus-Express legacy (after discussion: same service as above, not a separated one)PADC
Enlarge the above service to also provide description of VIRTIS/ VEx individual spectra with geometry parameters. Access will be a script extracting the corresponding data from the cubes - this will be a noticeable added value wrt a similar service from the PSA.  
BASS2000BASS2000 (Paris) PADC
Review and finalize
Check consistency with CLIMSO (service includes some CLIMSO data)
 Complete draft on-line (May 2017)
Radio Solar DatabaseRadio Solar DatabaseFrom NançayPADC
Finalize, make it consistent with other projects in the field  
PlanetsMain characteristics of planetsFrom IAU / Allen reference dataPADC

√ Declare properly in registry (issue with referenceURL field)
To be enlarged with satellites info (see below)?

Currently (Feb 2016) best model for UCDs / param (with IKS) & q.rd file.Test service, updated to v2
KronosCassini radio data PADC
DB exists, implement as v2 service  
RadioJoveAmateur radio observations of Jupiter PADC
Finalize, populate
Check descriptions
 Updated to v2
IMPEx treeDb from IMPEX simulation tree Graz, IWF
√ Resurrect, update
√ Fix data access! - some at FMI were removed
 updated to v2, to be tested
MAG / VExDataset from MAG/Venus-ExpressVenus-Express legacyGraz, IWF
√ Resurrect, update updated to v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
IitateIitate Radio Telescope HF data of JupiterPart of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportIitate / Tohoku Univ, Japan

• Fix issue with server

Data is updated every night, after daily observation

Updated to v2, being tested


Iitate Planetary Radio Telescope Solar Data

Iitate / Tohoku Univ, Japan

Populate? (expected regular updates, TBC)
• Fix issue with server

 v2 direct, to be tested
HisakiHisaki E-UV observations of JupiterFrom JAXA missionTohoku Univ, Japan

Finalize, add calibrated data
√ APIS extension compliance (May 2017)

 Test service, v2 direct, not yet publicly open
PSAESA's Planetary Science Archive Madrid, ESAC

Get parameters from files / datasets.

Start with a test on a simple dataset? AMIE / Smart-1 or Navcam / Rosetta would do - or possibly VEx for a larger service.
Identify a standard way to access detached labels (datalink?)

 v2 direct. Uses ESA non-DaCHS server

Spectroscopy of ices and minerals


Grenoble, IPAG
Spectro / sample descriptors required.To be integrated in SSHADE 
PVOL Amateur imaging of giant planets + Mars/VenusPlanetary Sciences Group, UPV/EHU, Bilbao

√ SQL trigger to handle new data coming in.
√ Finalize EPN-TAP access
√ Register

 First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
Illu_67PIllumination maps of 67P/C-GShows the comet illumination for a given lat/lon of the Sun in the comet frame. Next step: shows the comet illumination for a given timeIRAP + Imperial College, London

√ Finalize, add data, declare.
√ Identify correct dataproduct_type, see if extra param are required for sub-observer point.
Handle 3D format?

 Directly in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
abs_csAbsorption cross sectionsAbsorption cross sections for gaseous species of atmospheric interest



√ Finalize, declare
add data + setup special access script (output selected species in a single table)
 First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
MDISC Access to UCL Magnetodisc model output.UCL, London
Will distribute both matlab and netCDF format.
Work on tool connection
 First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
DynAstVO Minor Planet parameters and orbits, with daily computation (NEO only)IMCCE / PADC

√ Add computed orbits as spice files, open in Cosmographia or similar.
Enlarge to other objects (MBA)?

√ Register



Directly in v2 from computation results

√ Spice kernels are usable in Cosmographia (manually on user's end) and 3Dview (if  they are installed on the server part)

MPCorbMinor Planets CenterAsteroid orbital and physical parametersMPC / IAU,
+ Heidelberg/Paris

√ Provide epn_core view on existing TAP service in Heidelberg
• Check if monthly updates still active
• Check parameters

Experiment with EPN-TAP2 mixinMake consistent with other small bodies services
PDS spectral libLaboratory spectroscopy of mineral samplesLibrary in support of CRISM/MRO, on PDS Geosciences nodePADC/LESIA, Erard

Define (spectral) extension to describe minerals. Can be enlarged with other open mineral spectroscopy db in the same service.To be studied with SSHADE & DLR emission database & external contributorsDraft from Graz 2017 VESPA workshop. Assessment for other lab spectroscopy services.
Berlin Rosetta Spectral LibraryLaboratory spectroscopy of mineral samplesLibrary in support of VIRTIS/RosettaDLR, Kappel / Henckel

Finalize, review
Draft from Graz 2017 VESPA workshop. Assessment for other lab spectroscopy services.
BDICBase de Données d'Images Cométaires PADC/LESIA, Henry
To be adapted from updated BDIP v2  
ComètesBase de données des observateurs de comètesAmateur site (high level) with > 16000 images (+ some spectra included). Includes db and submission systemPADC/LESIA, Biver
Simply write an EPN-TAP view with daily updates from existing db?Web version operational ( Also includes links to sdd.jpl and MPC ephemeris and properties + db of observers (29 contributors). Basic table is a concatenation of target tables? Includes images + derived quantities and references. 
KHTMMHD instabilities at 67P/C-G IAPS, Rome, Ivanovski, Capria
Adapt coordinate system to something more std First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
CLIMSO Images of the photosphere and low corona with two coronagraphs (on H-α, He I, Fe XIII) and two telescopes (on H-α, Ca II)IRAP, Toulouse
  First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
SOIRSOIR/SPICAV/VExUV / IR observations of Venus - vertical profilesRoyal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy / Planetary Aeronomy
Convert profiles to VOtable, easier to handle and visualize. First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
SPICAMSPICAM / MExVertical profiles of MarsLATMOS
Parameters to be updated v2 direct from Toulouse workshop
SPICAVSPICAV / VExVertical profiles of VenusLATMOS
From updated SPICAM  
LOFAR-FR606Coordinated Decametric observations from LOFAR station in Nançay (nb FR606)Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportNançay


(to be enlarged to other instruments on site)

(to be enlarged to other instruments on site)

Coordinated Decametric observations from Ukraine T-shaped Radiotelescope-2. Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportInstitute of radio astronomy NASU / RINANU. Kharkov, Ukraine
Workaround solution for public data installed in Japan, still not functional.
File formatting issue (TBC)
Still distributing raw binary data files (4000+ files, 2GB each), no previews yet.

First model in v2 from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop.

Updated May 2017 with mixin/custom grammar

LWA1Coordinated Decametric observations from Long Wavelength Array 1 Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation SupportOwens Valley, New Mexico, USA
E-CallistoWorld-wide network of Solar radio spectrographs Windisch (Switzerland)
Database exists, EPNcore view to build, ~straightforward  
TNO spectraVLT large program, ~ 2005 LESIA, Barucci
Find calibrated spectra in LESIA, evaluate  
OMEGA / MEx atm db  LESIA, Melchiori
Exhume dataOnly covers beginning of mission 
T1m Pic du Midi, images  IMCCE, Colas
Would still be very nice!
First need to make fits headers uniform.
Distribute raw images and make it a collaborative service accepting submission of calibrated products?
May require to hire a post-doc to check & process everything - but get data first!
 Use with an EPN-TAP2 mixin (fits grammar)
Comet line catalogue
Comet line catalogue, from observationsIAPS, Rome

Only provide band list with reference. Make it SLAP or LineList compliant?

Opposition of Mars 1994  LESIA, Erard
May be used as a first demo of complete T1m serviceProcessed images from Pic du Midi, calibrated & projected 
Opposition of Mars 1999, HSTHST images from J. BellLarger set available on HST site?  PDS GeoScienceNode has a dataset of 1999-2001 images and cubes in fits + geometry & projected versionsLESIA

Demo for use of images + coordinates planes

Congruence with APIS (image format with geometry)

Titan ground based observations Historical work from the 90s only?LESIA, Henry
First, recover data on old machines (from M. Combes)On-going recovery project at ObsParis 
Stellar spectra from IRTF Vis / NIR 
See also at ESO + KuruczSupport for observations, use with pipeline to scale magnitudes 
Planetary spectra Low res, global spectra of planets and satellites 
References for ground observations, provide only 1 or 2 typical spectra/object (from archives).See to interoperability with Planets service. 
Planetary images from OHP student's obs?   

Not favorite: unprocessed, sparse. 
Extend "Planets" service   

Satellites info available at IMCCE, to be added.
Extend to orbital parameters?

IRS / Mariner 6/7 obs of Mars Spectroscopy of Mars 
Convert data files to integrated VOTables & add to PDS3 native formatOlder dataset… but seems unique and only distributed on a personal web site 
Titan GCM db   
 Only available as a code for the time being. Oct 2016: P. Rannou suggests to contact S. Lebonnois for his more modern 3D code. 
Mars GCM dbMars Climate DatabaseSampled version through EPN-TAPPADC + LMD

First version on sampled data, access to vertical profiles onlyAdd daily cycles and planes? Add more scenarios.
In a second step, direct access through workflow will be studied.
v2 installed from Toulouse 2016 VESPA workshop
Paris library drawings   
 Outreach only 

Small Main-Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey


Binzel et al VNIR spectra of asteroids

MIT with support from PADC?

Based on M4ast, very similar data - suggested by Mirel Birlan.

Coupled with "MIT-UH-IRTF Joint Campaign for NEO Spectral Reconnaissance" on the same site.

Plots/thumbnails have to be regenerated individually in PNG.

Earn ?Earn?

Physical properties of (some) NEOs

Paris or Rome?

Includes a (spectral) taxonomy type. Some duplication of MPC parameters (can be filtered out?)

Regularly updated on-line.
Related somehow to NEOshield-2 EU programme

Table is easy to enter (note that Binary objects, noted B in 1rst column, have 2 entry lines, only the first one is relevant).

Each object has a detailed page with extensive biblio that cannot be included in the table - should be linked with external_link parameter)