Held 2/6/2016, Paris Observatory



Minutes by P. Fernique (translated by SE, to be checked) + notes by SE

Action items from CDS/ObsParis VESPA meeting, 2 June 2017

About HiPS

About VO registry (relative to discovery tree in Aladin v10)

Recognition of EPN-TAP parameters relative to overlays in Aladin

Open questions:

Aladin V10 demo with Mars data + EPN-TAP services + discovery tree

(Updated May 2019, v10.128; syntax for filters has evolved)

    1. load http://alasky.u-strasbg.fr/Planets/Mars (directly from field "Location" on top of Aladin window)
    2. invert plotting direction: "Edit/properties" -> ascending longitude (will plot the map correctly)
    3. Select preferred map projection: "Projection" menu at right/top ("Sphere" stands for orthographic)
    4. Walk along HiPS; poles are now available
    5. Click Grid (bottom left), select Frame = Planet
    1. Load URL (in Location field) http://alasky.u-strasbg.fr/Planets/HipsList
    2. Open branch "Solar System" (was "/local/Planet")
    3. 2019: All planetary HiPS have been regenerated correctly and plot directly in the correct orientation (longitude = ascending) 

Extra items