Short NameNameDescriptionLocationStatusTo do (v1)CommentsVersion_2
APISAuroral Planetary Imaging and SpectroscopyAurorae images/spectra data base (HST)PADC

Check descriptions

access_url should point to spectra, not to images of spectra (spectra are under native_access_url) 
BDIPBase de Données d'Images PlanetairesHistorical planetary images in Meudon (ground-based)PADC

Rearrange data products (jpeg vs fits), compute pointing, enlarge contents (other existing digitized images) + check descriptions, add previews. + Fix image orientation?

To be corrected directly in v2.

Encyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsEncyclopedia of Extra-Solar PlanetsCompilation of published dataPADCLooks OK, but atypical (most parameters not std)
TitanVertical Profiles in Titan Middle AtmosphereAtmospheric profiles of Titan (Cassini/CIRS)PADC

Check descriptions

√ Enlarge contents

Needs simple web site to distribute native dataset in ascii or VOTable (should be fixed in v2) 
IKSIR spectroscopy of comet HalleyIR spectroscopy of 1P/Halley (IKS / Vega-1)PADC

√ Check descriptions,

√ add phase angle

Now on line (Feb 2016) + web page updated. Up to date descriptors (Feb 2016)

First test case for v2, in progress
M4astModeling for AsteroidsAsteroid spectroscopyPADCCheck descriptions  
BaseComThe Nançay Cometary DatabaseRadio observation of comets from NançayPADCRestructure  
JupiterDAMJupiter Routine ObservationsJupiter radio observations from NançayNançayCheck descriptions + update target name  
Solar feature catalogue, radio burstsHeliophysics Feature Catalog type 3 radio burstsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADCCheck descriptions  
Solar feature catalogue, active regionsHeliophysics Feature Catalog active regionsSolar feature catalogues (from HELIO program)PADCCheck descriptions  
AMDACDPP AMDA DataBaseAMDA Planetary Plasma databaseToulouse, CDPPCheck descriptions, check server
Check data type handling (returns results for spectrum, but only dynamic_spectrum included?))
NASA cosmic dust catalogsINAF-IAPS RDB NASA dust catalogue TAP serviceNASA's Cosmic dust catalog 15 and 18 Rome, IAPSRestructure, Check descriptions  
TNOsTNOs are coolTNOs properties + Herschel/Spitzer observationsPADCComplete content, create service  
VVExVIRTIS on Venus-Express: standard datasetAccess to spectral cubesPADC

Complete data description with geometry, enlarge to the complete dataset, declare. Mostly intended as a demonstrator of EPN-TAP access to the PSA. In the mid-term, this will be the basis to include derived products, which are not in the PSA.

VVEx+Enhanced VIRTIS dataset on Venus-ExpressWill provide access to spectraPADCAnother service will provide description of VIRTIS/ VEx individual spectra with geometry parameters. Access will be a script extracting the corresponding data from the cubes - this will be a noticeable added value wrt a similar service from the PSA.  
BASS2000BASS2000 PADCFinalize  
Radio Solar DatabaseRadio Solar DatabaseFrom NançayPADCFinalize  
PlanetsMain characteristics of planetsFrom IAU / Allen reference dataPADC

√ Declare properly in registry (issue with referenceURL field)

To be enlarged with satellites info (see below)?

Currently (Feb 2016) best model for UCDs / param (with IKS) & q.rd file. 
KronosCassini radio data PADCFinalize?  
RadioJoveAmateur radio observations of Jupiter PADCFinalize  
IMPEx treeDb from IMPEX simulation tree Graz, IWFResurect, update  
MAG / VexDataset from MAG/Venus-Express Graz, IWFResurect  
Iitate/RadioIitate Radio Telescope CDFs Iitate, JapanFinalizePart of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support 
PSAESA's Planetary Science Archive Madrid, ESAC   

Spectroscopy of ices


Grenoble, IPAG   
PVOL Amateur imaging of giant planetsBilbao   
PDS spectral libLaboratory spectroscopy of mineral samples ParisDefine (spectral) extension to describe minerals. Can be enlarged with other open mineral spectroscopy db in the same service.To be studied with SSHADE & DLR emission database & external contributors 
BDICBase de Données d'Images Cométaires ParisTo be adapted from updated BDIP  
NDACoordinated Decametric observations from Nançay Decameter Array Nancay Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support 
LOFAR-FR606Coordinated Decametric observations from LOFAR station in Nançay (nb FR606) Nancay Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support 
UTR2Coordinated Decametric observations from Ukraine T-shaped Radiotelescope-2 Kharkov, Ukraine Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support 
LWA1Coordinated Decametric observations from Long Wavelength Array 1  Owens Valley, New Mexico, USA Part of JUNO-Ground-Radio Observation Support 
E-CallistoWorld-wide network of Solar radio spectrographs Windisch (Switzerland)Database exist, quickly exist. EPNcore view to build  
OMEGA / MEx atm db  LESIA, MelchioriExhum dataOnly covers beginning of mission 
T1m Pic du Midi, images  IMCCE, ColasWould still be very nice!  
Opposition of Mars 1994  LESIA, ErardProcessed images from Pic du Midi, calibrated & projected  
Titan ground based observations Historical work from the 90s only?LESIA, HenryFirst, recover data on old machines (M. Combes)On-going recovery project at Obspm 
Stellar spectra from IRTF   Support for observations, use with pipeline to scale magnitudes  
Planetary images from OHP student's obs?   
Not favorite: unprocessed, sparse. 
Extend "Planets" service   

Satellites info is available at IMCCE

Extend to orbital parameters?

IRS / Mariner 6/7 obs of Mars    Older dataset… but seems OK and only distributed on a personal web site 
Titan GCM db   Only available as a code for the time being  
Mars GCM dbMars Climate DatabaseSampled version through EPN-TAPPADC + LMD

First version to be based on sampled data, access mainly by vertical profiles and planes.In a second step, direct access through workflow will be studied. 
Paris library drawings   Outreach only