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A stipulation of both Europlanet 2020 RI and the forthcoming 2024RI grants is that all data generated as part of the TA (and other) parts of the projects must be made open access.  Most funding agencies are moving to the same system; all data must be open access and easily accessible, so by taking action as part of the 2024RI we are all falling into line with what funding agencies will demand.

An efficient and light data distribution system has been designed and installed during Europlanet 2020 RI for Planetary Science data: VESPA. The system is comprised of a number of "data services" installed in various institutes, which can  be queried together from a single user interface (the VESPA portal). Selected results can then be sent to various tools which display the data and can perform some level of analysis (depending on data format). We here provide general guidelines to make your data available in VESPA.

Use cases for TAs (2020 & 2024)

• General organisation:

• Design:

Your expertise is required to decide the organisation of the dataset:

• Initial setup:

Examples of data services

You can browse the current data services in the VESPA portal to illustrate the final format.

Relevant examples of data services include:

Sample data

The attached file is the csv catalogue for the IKS data service (a spectrometer on-board the VEGA-1 spacecraft). It describes 104 files with relevant parameters:

Extra info

Tutorials for data providers are linked on this page

Use only if you feel comfortable.